Second hand Smoke Quizz

1. True or False. Secondhand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, 200 of which are poison and 43 of which cause cancer in humans.


2. Which of the following ingredients is produced by secondhand smoke?

 a. ammonia
 b. arsenic
 c. cyanide
 d. formaldehyde
 e. all of the above
 f. none of the above

3. True or False. The smoke from one cigarette remains in a room for up to two hours.


4. True or False. Secondhand smoke causes 3,000 lung cancer deaths and more than 50,000 coronary heart disease deaths each year in the United States.


5. True or False. One non-smoker dies from heart disease due to exposure to secondhand smoke for every ten smokers who die from heart disease.


6. A healthy non-smoker must be exposed to secondhand smoke for what amount of time before experiencing negative health effects?

 a. Thirty minutes
 b. Three hours
 c. Eight hours
 d. Five minutes

7. Which one of the following is not another name for secondhand smoke?

 a. Environmental Tobacco Smoke
 b. Exhaled Toxic Emission
 c. Passive Smoke
 d. Involuntary Smoking

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