Policy Successes

More and more campuses have realized the importance of having strong tobacco policies. The list of schools that prohibit smoking and/or tobacco use completely is growing each year. If you are looking to bolster your campus tobacco policy, BACCHUS can help!

For steps to building campus tobacco policy, refer to Journey of a Lifetime: One Step at a Time to a Tobacco-Free Campus. In this manual (pages 26-29) you will find steps for policy change as well as lessons learned from other campuses and answers to frequently asked questions about tobacco control policies.

Your Campus Tobacco Task Force will be key for evaluating current policies and working with a stakeholder group to encourage adoption and enforcement of policies that build a safer and healthier campus.

Going completely smoke-free is possible. The American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANR) has compiled a list of smoke-free campuses in the U.S.

Even better, going completely tobacco-free is not only possible, it is happening on a regular basis! We encourage campuses to aim for this noble goal as soon as possible. The American Lung Association of Oregon has published a list of completely tobacco-free campuses.