Smoking Marijuana

Wanna hear one of the biggest myths around? It’s that smoking marijuana isn’t harmful. Wrong! There are consequences and there is proof. A 1998 study conducted at the University of California revealed some pretty nasty results. After assessing the lung biopsies of regular marijuana smokers, researchers found that half of them had 8 of the 10 cellular abnormalities that indicate precancerous changes in the lungs. If you think that sucks, check out these other facts:

  • Long-term marijuana use can lead to the abnormal function of the respiratory system resulting in injury or destruction of lung disease (Taskin, 1990; NIDA, 2000).
  • Inhaled marijuana produces three to five times the amount of tar and carbon monoxide found in inhaled cigarette smoke (Wu 1995; NIDA, 2000).
  • Marijuana smokers encounter many of the same respiratory problems as tobacco smokers such as daily cough, phlegm, chronic bronchitis and frequent chest colds (Source: Porter, 2002). 
  • Unfortunately, many marijuana smokers also use tobacco on a regular basis (Anthony, Warner, & Kessler,1994).