You quit. And then you had another smoke or another dip. What now? Don’t give up!! You quit once and you can quit again. And remember, many people quit a couple times before they finally quit for good, so you are not alone. Just as Edison learned hundreds of ways not to make a lightbulb, the important thing for you will be to learn from those slip-ups.

Remember, one cigarette didn’t turn you into a smoker…and one slip-up doesn’t mean you’ve started again.

Remind yourself of why you want to quit and how far you’ve come already. But also think about what led you to slip and come up with a plan on how you will prevent it from happening again. These questions may help:

When I slipped…

  • What was I doing?
  • Where was I?
  • What was I thinking?
  • What was I feeing?
  • Why did I smoke or dip?
  • Has my commitment or goal to quit changed?
  • What can I do differently next time?

Most important, when you are ready, try again and you will quit! Don’t forget to engage the support of friends and family to help!